On May 11, 2017, the City of Edgerton, Kansas (the “City”) adopted Ordinance No. 1054 authorizing the City to enter into an Agreement with the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation (“KDOT”) whereby KDOT will agree to reimburse the City for up to $1,000,000 of the costs of the construction of 193rd Street from Essex Road to Homestead Lane and Essex Road from 191st Street south 2,300 linear feet. The Ordinance also authorizes the City to enter into a Grant Agreement with Spectrum Brands, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Spectrum”) whereby the City will agree to make a $1,000,000 grant to Spectrum that will be paid in installments over a ten-year period solely from funds available in the Public Infrastructure Fund that is created in the Amended and Restated Public Infrastructure Financing Plan dated as of July 15, 2015, among the City, Edgerton Land Holding Company, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company, and BNSF Railway Company, a Delaware corporation, that provides for the development of the BNSF Intermodal Facility and Logistics Park Kansas City. A complete copy of this ordinance is available at www.edgertonks.org or at Edgerton City Hall, 404 E. Nelson, Edgerton, Kansas 66021. This summary is certified by Patrick G. Reavey, City Attorney for the City of Edgerton, Kansas.