Six boxes totalling 136 pounds of medications were surrendered to the Gardner Police Department during the annual Takeback event.
“This was the 10th Takeback event that Gardner PD has participated in with the DEA,” said Steve Benz, GPD administrative sergeant. “I have worked all 10 of them, and the response from our community has always been very strong. “
Statewide, Kansans safely disposed of more than eight tons of unused medicines during last week’s National Drug Take-Back Day, Derek Schmidt, Kansas attorney general,said.
”The citizens of Gardner and the surrounding communities have always been great supporters of the program.” Benz continued. “They know that they can look for us every spring and fall at the Gardner Price Chopper.”
Benz said the Takeback event provides a great service to area citizens, enabling them to keep their homes safe from unwanted or unneeded medications, while taking steps to dispose of these medications in a manner that is friendly to the environment.
“This is just one more way in which the Gardner Police Department can protect and serve our community,” Benz said.
Kansas law enforcement officers collected 16,314 pounds of medicines at more than 100 locations throughout the state during the event, according to a report from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. This was the largest single-day of collection since the semi-annual program began in 2010, far surpassing the 13,894 pounds collected in April 2016.
“Safe storage and proper disposal are the keys to preventing the accidental or intentional misuse of medications,” Schmidt said. ”Kansans continue to recognize the importance of safely disposing of their unused medicines during these semi-annual Drug Take-Back events. I appreciate the leadership of the DEA and local law enforcement agencies in providing this service for Kansans.”
Kansans have safely destroyed a total of 117,693 pounds of medications in the 13 collection days that have been held since 2010. Law enforcement agencies turn the drugs they collect over to the DEA, which safely destroys the medications.