Once again, USD 231 is offering Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) for student athletes.  ImPACT testing sessions will be held in the Advanced Technical Center at Gardner Edgerton High School on Monday, May 22, from 3 to 7 pm, and Wednesday, Aug. 9, from 3 to 7 pm.  Students entering 8th, 10th, or 12th grade who took the ImPACT baseline test last year do not need to take it again this year.
ImPACT testing is a neurocognitive assessment of how the brain is functioning at rest.  ImPACT is considered a reliable tool to utilize beginning at the high school level. The process calls for an initial baseline assessment (the test is taken on a computer) ideally performed before the beginning of the season, and repeated a minimum of every two years.
This non?invasive test is set up in “video?game” format and takes approximately 25?35 minutes to complete.  It is simple, and actually many athletes enjoy the challenge of taking the test.  Essentially, the ImPACT test is a preseason physical of the brain.  It tracks information such as memory, reaction time, speed, and concentration.  The testing is FREE to all student athletes who participate.