Seth Gunkel
Club reporter
Comet Tech 4-H Club began their monthly meeting with a science experiment led by Trent Eisele. The experiment, called “Time Out” involved making an hour glass from two recycled water bottles and sand. By adding sand to one of the bottles, then taping both together, the members of the club worked in pairs to time how long it took for the sand to run from one bottle to the other. This gave the young engineers a base time. That time didn’t take long, so they needed to devise ways to slow it down. The young engineers decided to add rocks to the sand filled bottle and time them again to see if it took a little longer to run from one bottle to the next. Engineers need a slower device than the initial timer and the rocks were successful. Next, they were to get the sand to run through the bottles with more precision, so they timed their bottles over and over for consistency. Overall, it was a fun engineering experiment.