An iconic member of our community has passed away. Irvin Kneedler lived to celebrate his 94th birthday. Irv lived in Gardner most of his life. He and his wife Nellie had four children, two girls Pam and Pattie and two boys, Ed and John. Ed and John were both Down Syndrome children. The whole family was dedicated to helping Ed and John develop into respected members of the community., The result was outstanding. Irvin was one of the builders of new homes inn the area. He was expert at his craft. He was admired for his ability to complete each task and make it appear easy. Everyone who knew him considered him a friend. I was one of those. To those of us who believe and have faith in an afterlife one can only imagine the joyful reunion with Nellie, Ed and John. We will all miss him but are happy that he has moved on.
A friend, Homer Rankin.