Plans to develop Big Bull Creek Park continue to inch forward.
A groundbreaking ceremony was held April 29 near the site of the future Sunflower entrance to Big Bull Creek Park, at 20425 Sunflower Road
The park’s nearly 2000 acres was purchased about 15 years ago but has remained off-limits and undeveloped for public use.
Initial plans for Phase I of the 1,980-acre future Big Bull Creek Park include a combined park maintenance building and Johnson County Park Police substation to be located just north of the intersection of Four Corners Road and 199th St. Other anticipated amenities include a parking lot, two picnic shelters, a restroom, a discover nature playground, and a three-quarter-mile paved trail on Sunflower Road north of 207th St., and a group campground near 213th Street east of Spoon Creek Road.
The park property has not been without controversy.
In October 2012, Edgerton city officials went thru the condemnation process to purchase about 15 acres from Johnson County Parks and Recreation, which had originally been purchased in 1998 with $6 million in bond debt.
The condemnation was necessary upon the advice of the JCPRD’s legal counsel. Edgerton ended up paying $196,000 for 11 acres. Because JCPRD had originally purchased the property with a bond issue, the money could only be used to pay down debt or purchase replacement property.
At that time, park department officials said there was not enough revenue to develop the park, or to start construction.
Now officials anticipate an early 2018 completion.
Congratulations, it’s been a long time coming, but Big Bull Creek will provide enjoyment for Johnson County residents for many years to come.