Once again, Councilman Moore doesn’t understand the grassroots effort to make the City of Gardner ADA compliant.
Councilman Moore has been against my efforts and that of others since day one, even though the city recently participated in an ADA compliance survey that pointed out too many deficiencies to overlook.
During the City Council meeting on April 17th, his voice of dissension was heard loud and clear by the disability community in Gardner, something we’ve become accustomed to. During the council meeting, the city has prioritized $110k worth of ADA-related projects, $50k to address ADA projects this year and the remaining to be completed next year equaling $60k+.
The final vote was 4 to 1; can you guess who the dissenting vote was from? Why can’t Councilman Moore get on the same page as the rest of the populace who understand that an “all-inclusive city” would mean more opportunity for everyone?
Cities that prove to be inclusive to all groups, favor much better than cities that don’t. Where do we want to be in three years? We want to be able to host more events, bring more people into our city and make it a true destination, not a city that doesn’t follow requirements set forth by the federal government in 1991.
We have a lot of work to do and I am very optimistic we are on the right path.
It’s too bad Councilman Moore can’t see past his own ego to understand what equal rights for all really means.

Gary Carson
Gardner, KS