Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I have been very fortunate to be able to do some interesting things in my life.
I have been to several countries, Germany, France and Switzerland. Lived abroad for a year. Traveled to Mexico and visited the pyramids there.
I also was able to spend many summer evenings at Starlight Theatre seeing some wonderful actors and actresses in all sorts of plays.
I have also been able to enjoy the Kansas City Symphony on several occasions. Several years there were season tickets to Pop series concerts.
The Pop series is basically what I would call modern music vs. classical. It is not so formal and usually fun and entertaining.
My brother had acquired tickets for the Bond and Beyond concert, 50 years of 007 music. He planned to go, and my sister and I were to be treated to some fine music. Well as it was, he was unable to go so my nephew and his son escorted us to Kaufman Center for the Arts.
If you haven’t been to the beautiful music hall yet, it is well, . . . beautiful. I don’t remember what this facility cost, but it is a work of art in itself.
If you like people-watching, concerts are the place to go. Pops series concerts are a little less formal. From people in downtown work attire, to women in expensive black dresses with stiletto heels. Basically whatever you wear other than shorts are probably acceptable.
Our conductor was Michael Krajewski, our vocalist was Debbie Gravitte. It was a totally entertaining evening.
Mr. Krajewski entertained us with facts about the movies and story lines. He had the audience answering multiple choice questions and raising hands on which actor was our favorite James Bond. The singer covered a vast amount of the hit songs from the movies. Her last appearance with the symphony brought her out in go go boots and mod 60 clothes. She sang Secret Agent Man.
Anytime you attend a production of very highly skilled musicians, I think we all sort of wait for that one missed cue or wrong note. There is never a missed cue or note with the Kansas City Symphony. The sound was perfect, the music was fantastic. It was a night to remember for a long time.
We are very fortunate to have a beautiful venue for our Kansas City Symphony to perform in. We are lucky to be able to hear quality music and musicians.
I am sure a lot of people think the price of a ticket is frivolous. Well it isn’t all that much. A trip to a Chief’s game or even to the movies could easily cost you more.
If you have the time and the inclination, try to get to one of the Pops concerts. We live near a wonderful city that has lots of cultural and artistic things to do and enjoy.
You don’t have to travel distances to get very good quality entertainment.
Give it a try; I don’t think you will be disappointed. I sure wasn’t.