Letter to the Editor:
Recently, I was contacted by a real estate agent that represents a large well known real estate company. This lady wanted to know if we would be interested in selling our property and listing it with her. We had a long conversation, and she told me something about the Edgerton elementary school that was not good and I could not believe what she said. I wanted to find out the facts so I went to the school in Edgerton and was able to talk to the principal, Mrs. Woolery about what I had been told. I could tell by the look on her face that she was disappointed.
Here is what she told me. Edgerton elementary is a Title 1 school and approximately one half of the students receive free or assisted lunches. Despite that fact, Edgerton elementary consistently scores above the state and district averages on all state assessments. It also was the only school in the district to receive the Governors Achievement Award in the 2015-2016 school year,and has received this award nine times. I want to congratulate each and every student and faculty member on all of those accomplishments.
Needless to say, if we ever decide to put our property on the market it will not be the lady I talked to or the company she represents.

Richard L. Gall
Edgerton, KS.