Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I failed to mark on my calendar when exactly it happened, but we are a nation of easily offended people.
Last week was one of those weeks when it seemed everyone or no one was offended by something. Maybe it is the weather? Maybe it is the way the mass media presents things for shock value.
When I say that I get visions of Joe Pyne from the early 70’s who had very violent interactions with guests on his TV show.
Sometimes you want to just let it slip by, and sometimes you can’t stand the stupidity.
First we had the young ladies who were asked to change clothes before being allowed to board an airline flight. Now a lot of the Hollywood people jumped on this with their opinions. I mean — does the sun set and rise on Gwyneth Paltrow? Well not in my neighborhood, thank goodness.
But wait! The rest of the story not always mentioned was that these young people were flying as guests (read FREE) of an employee for this airline. They were basically getting free airfares and as such were required to wear a dress code that didn’t include spandex leggings.
Spandex leggings wow.
I followed a woman at a local store wearing them. Her shirt didn’t cover enough, and I swear she was smuggling puppies, and they were fighting inside those spandex tights. So I say ‘no’ to spandex and leggings.
If these are a policy for use of these freebies, follow it. A rule is a rule.
Plus don’t turn to Hollywood for your advice on how to behave in public.
Then an actress on one of my favorite comedies decided to complain about being called a “girl” She thinks it is demeaning, and we should be called women. Girl doesn’t offend me; it makes me feel a little younger.
So no harm done.
Women, woman is ok, girl or gal seems younger.
Paul Simon said of his former wife Carrie Fisher “she was a special, wonderful girl.” What was the problem with that? She was 19 when they were together. That was how he knew her.
Not a belittlement in my book.
I have been called sweetie, darling and a few names I won’t print in the paper. I don’t require being referred to as a lady. My mother was a lady. She dressed to go to the grocery store as did other ladies of the time. She put on her lipstick to go to the hardware store and the post office. She was a lady. I am a child of the 60-70’s — I wear denim, and I sweat.
But how and why did we get so easily offended? And why for goodness sakes do we feel the need to have an actor or actress give us their opinion of how we should feel?
First of all — if it isn’t your business let it alone.
Second follow the rules. Just follow the rules; it does make things a lot easier.
Third get all the information. If the story seems a bit under explained, probably things you don’t know.
If everyone would just keep in control of the things we really need to focus on, including me, we would be less offended and maybe a lot happier in the long run.
So for now, remember April showers bring May flowers, don’t let the rain drag you into being easily offended. Finally if it isn’t your direct concern leave it alone.