Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So in the past week or so, the members of  my family were introduced to some cousins that we had read about in the back of my Dad’s Bible.
My brother being the adventurous- world traveling, transplant survivor that he is, had done the DNA test provided by the company that you see advertised online, TV and in magazines. This was done a couple of years back. He got the results, and his DNA was stored in a database for possible matching with other folks also looking for their identities. We were Eastern European, and I am not sure what all. Like most everyone else, Heinz 57 — or plain old Kansans.
Our lineage doesn’t track back too far. When you have a Grandmother who passes early in life a lot of the history of the family is lost. Maybe not in all cases but in ours. My dad’s siblings were split up, and the younger ones went to families in the Ottawa area, and Dad  and one of my uncles to families here in Gardner. My older Uncles joined the service or went to work. I know one liked to hunt for gold in Idaho and Nevada. I am sure there may have been horse thieves or whoever in past generations. Family is family and that we can’t change.
So my brother gets a message from a lady in Nevada wondering if he could be a relative. She has done a DNA test, and it showed matches to our family. She has sisters, she has children and she has grandchildren. She is the daughter of the little sister my Dad had at times lost track of. He name is written in his Bible as well as the names of her daughters etc. BINGO!
All of a sudden we have new cousins! Cousins who have never seen; photos of their Grandmother Dorsey. Their mom was only six when grandma died. But that six year old little girl remember stories her mother had told her. Her Mother talked about playing music in the Baptist Church in Ottawa. Singing and helping with the services. Maybe she even remembered going to church with her Mother.  My Dad had been baptized in the Marias Des Cygne river in Ottawa. I am guessing Dad’s sisters were also baptized in the same river.
I have friended two of these cousins on Facebook. They seem to be lovely ladies. They are eager for tid bits of info on the family.  I look at their faces and I think I see a family resemblance to the Aunts I grew up knowing. They had a photo of their mother, and I see she looks like my other two Aunts.
I realize not every story of found relatives ends like this one. I know some people don’t want to be located. Some people have passed and the opportunity is just gone. Some people just have no interest in those who have come before them.
We may never meet these ladies in person, or their children. But I want them to take away from all of this that their Uncle, my Dad never forgot his little sister. He always wondered where she was and if she was okay. Well Dad she raised some very nice ladies. I think she was ok.