Gentlemen, drop your egos please.
Drama continues with the Gardner City Council who can’t see their way past petty politics and continue trying to meddle and micromanage, creating mess after mess.
Emails between Steve Shute, council president, and Chris Morrow, mayor, were obtained thru a Kansas Open Records request and indicate some members of the council knowingly, and willfully, discussed personnel policies in closed session, out of the public’s view.
A policy change, which affects general personnel policy regarding evaluations, reprimands and other employee matters was passed immediately following a closed session March 6. Kristina Harrison, councilmember, was the lone “no” vote, and Morrow, as mayor, did not have a vote.
Although The Gardner News lodged a formal complaint regarding the closed session, city staff or council has yet to reply.
However, review of e mail obtained under KORA indicates Shute prepared Resolution 1963 prior to the meeting and writes Morrow that he has it ready for discussion during closed session. He also asks Morrow to verify that a public statement regarding a possible change need NOT be made before entering closed session.
In one email, Morrow warns that he does not believe the issue can be discussed in executive session.
From questions asked by staff after the resolution’s passage, it does not appear staff had knowledge of the resolution, although usually such policy change is drafted by staff. There is no reason provided as to why Shute drafted the proposal  or why it could not be added to an upcoming agenda for public review.
Resolution 1963 was written out of public view, discussed out of public view, and pushed thru without public or staff review.
So much for transparency.
If members of this council practiced  a modicum of common sense, they would step out of the shadows and do business in public.