A program to provide funding for small, locally owned businesses wanting to expand is a step in the right direction.
For far too long, it’s been whispered that Gardner’s planning process is more “friendly” to large corporations with deep pockets and who are saavy with the planning process.
We hope the city, chamber and SW Johnson County EDC work together to assist and nurture locally owned businesses through this program. They each have a unique experience to bring to the table.
The incentive program, as written, would provide up to $25,000 to qualifying businesses to offset start-up or expansion programs involving road access or infrastructure issues.
The small business incentive program would be limited to one application per business and capped at $25,000 per use. Only new or local businesses that are not part of a corporately operated franchise could apply.
The application process and approval of the funds would be consolidated in the business and economic development department. Businesses utilizing the fund would be reimbursed after the qualifying project is completed.
Good job city staff and administration in developing this program.