Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well last week marked another trip around the sun for me. On that day I had been around for 22,995 days.
When you look at it like that, it seems pretty old. Most of those days were good, some were grand and a few were not so much.
I was born right here in this town. We had a hospital. It stood just north of the Parks and Recreation building on Elm Street. We were the first hospital in the county if I remember correctly. Dr. A.S Reece built that hospital with the folks of Gardner. The Gardner Museum has a display about him available for the public right now. I think that is pretty remarkable for a small little town of that time.
As the family story of my birth goes, it got to be late on the 17th when the doctor came in and told my Mother she needed to hurry up and get this baby here. . . . . there was another lady waiting to use the delivery room. That lady also had a baby girl, just after midnight, so we always joke about being roommates, so many years ago.
I have always wondered where I got my name and who the popular names of the day came from. I have yet to find one spelled like mine and pronounced differently. It’s spelled Joan, but pronounced Jo-Ann.
Birthdays after about 40 are pretty much, just good days. I got to talk to all of my siblings on that day and lots of birthday wishes. Everyone reading this has a birthday, and so we are all alike. Some more in number and some less.
I share that day with another lady here in town. She is also a Gardnerite by a few years more than I. She turned 98 this year. Happy Birthday Viola. I know she has many stories she could tell of Gardner in its youth.
So if you have a birthday in March, Happy Birthday!
It is a great month overall. If you have a birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, join the club. 365 days isn’t that far away, and I am not wanting to stop taking these trips around the sun anytime soon.