Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well, March roared in like a lion. We had t shirts and shorts,sunny warm
We went to thunderstorms and winds and tornados. Then back to cold. Then snow.
The folks to our west took the heat with fires and acres of charred burnt land. Loss of lives, homes and livestock.
March is having her say. Let’s hope she gets this out of her system
Then Saturday night, we did the time change thing. I got most of the clocks done and still need to do the smoke alarms and next fall the thermostat battery.
Which brings me to trash day.
Ahh Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.
For some unknown reason, as I grabbed the items in the fridge to be tossed, you know —liquid salad and science experiment items with possible cultures growing on them. My hand brushed by a bottle of salad dressing.
Hummmmmm so I checked the date. What? I just bought this! Well I bought it apparently longer ago than I thought. It expired in the summer of 2016.
Ohhhhh ick. So the search began. I turned and read, and read, and read. Some things if they are close to the date, stayed. Some went. Some of the items, if they had been grandchildren would have been in first grade by now.
Now very possibly those items are still good. How to decide? I only use the maraschino cherries at Christmas. The unopened bottle was from 2008. The other bottle was from 2010. They both went.
There were mysteries with no solutions in my fridge. There is a bottle of cherry wine from a St. James Winery on a lower shelf. Now I have never been to a winery in St. James, and I can’t remember this being a
gift or anyone giving it to me? If you know where the wine came from
for goodness sakes let me know on FB. It has me perplexed.
This process went on for about 15 minutes.
My fridge looks and seems much better now. I go through my cake mixes and boxed items much more frequently. Cake is very unforgiving if it is out dated. That beautiful red velvet cake fluffy and soft and moist becomes a very short red uneatable item.
It seems the older we get, the slower we use these grocery items. I guess we need a network of friends that we can share items back and forth with before they go out of date.
March with all of her ups and downs and convinced me to clean cupboards, closets, fridges and throw away or donate stuff that I can’t use or won’t use.
Maybe that roaring in my ear was her way of telling me to “just get with it!”