Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council met on March 9 and considered terms of settlement in a wastewater dispute with Gardner and the purchase of a new truck for parks and recreation and appointed individuals to fill two seats on the planning commission.

Settlement with Gardner
Council recessed into a five minute executive session in the final part of the meeting.
Upon resuming, a motion was made to approve terms of agreement with Gardner resulting from a dispute over payment for wastewater services.
Don Roberts, mayor, read the motion: “Edgerton city council approves to set the rate as of November 2016 at two dollars per thousand gallons. Gardner would pay a settlement of $35,000 to the city of Edgerton for back payments, plus it would catch up on whatever rate they haven’t paid since November, at the two dollar rate.”
The agreement also specifies Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc., as the rate consultant.
Raftelis provides financial, rate, and management consultant services for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities across the U.S.
Roberts said Gardner had already agreed to using Raftelis.
Patrick Reavey, city attorney, said that a formal settlement document was being drawn up by the Gardner city attorney, but he hadn’t seen it yet.
Roberts said he would like to see that done and signed by Gardner by the next council meeting.
“If not, we’ll have to go forward with the lawsuit,” he said. In September, 2016, Edgerton council members had voted to sue Gardner by November 1 if payment was not made on a wastewater bill dating to December 2015.
Council unanimously approved the terms of agreement.

Wastewater Plant Decommissioning
Council was also updated on the status of the decommissioning of the city’s old wastewater treatment plant.
“Decommissioning a plant is unique, and it doesn’t happen very often, anywhere, and it added some unique challenges,“ said Roberts.
Contractors were present to discuss details of the project.
Council approved $119,325.47 for continuing decommissioning of the facilities.

Appointments to commission
There were two appointments to the planning commission.
On Feb. 8, John Daley was appointed as an alternate member of the planning commission. March 9, he was appointed as a regular member, with term ending in 2018.
Ron Conus is the newest city council member, resigning his seat on the planning commission to join council. His vacant seat on the planning commission was filled with the appointment of Jamie Cunningham, with that term ending in 2017.

New truck for Parks and Recreation
Council considered the purchase of a Ford F350 crew cab truck for parks and recreation. This truck would replace the department’s 16 year old Ford F150, which will be sold at auction.
Staff recommends the addition of an accessory package to improve towing and plowing capabilities, bringing the total cost to $39,488.09.
Council unanimously approved the purchase.