It might be time to review a few of the lessons we (hopefully) learned as children.
Be kind to one another.
It’s as easy to be kind, or be quiet, as it is to be snarky, cute or mean.
Hold your tongue.
We’re all guilty of gossiping, or popping off a smart reply; but it seems some people take pride and joy in that ability.
Social media fosters this practice; a cutesy reply can bring the popularity of “likes,” and it’s easy to be mean when sitting behind a keyboard.
It’s much different than looking someone in the eye and making a rude comment; the internet affords a quasi-anonymous medium to do a one-two quick punch.
And that juvenile atmosphere of intolerance and contempt spreads like poison.
And it takes root.
And people get hurt. Both emotionally and . . . sometimes physically.
It’s sad that some of the very people we see on social media posting derisive comments regarding race, religion or politics, are now crying real tears over the recent shooting of two bar patrons — victims of a terrorist hate crime by an American born citizen.
Stop pointing fingers. Stop screaming outrage and confusion.
Take a look at yourself: your actions, your words, the atmosphere you foster in your daily life.
Judge yourself, not others.
We can’t change others, but we can change ourselves.
Think before you speak.
Think before you post.
Be accountable for your actions.
Put your ego in the backseat. Let your heart and mind do the driving.
Think for yourself; be a leader not a follower.
As adults we have to leave the “pack/gang/clique” mentality”behind.
Kindness and compassion are a sign of maturity.
Treat others as you want to be treated…
It’s hard, but the paybacks are positive for ALL.
Civility isn’t dead, it’s only in remission, and we can change that.
One heart at a time.
Start by taking your own inventory; be kind to others.