Mike Brown

Mike Brown
6th district commissioner
As your Johnson County Commissioner for the western 45 percent of Johnson County, I have been very busy since being elected last November.
The learning curve has been steep and challenging but also fun and educational. I proudly represent the great cities of Gardner, Edgerton, Desoto and the western half of Olathe where I frequently attend city council meetings along with the unincorporated townships where I attend the zoning boards and fire district meetings regularly. I am serious about my responsibilities, and it is not unusual for me to be at six or more meetings in a normal day related to Johnson County business.
Being an engaged and concerned commissioner comes with varying expectations and responsibilities. Case in point; on one particular day this past January, I started my day discussing Johnson County Airport Commission business, worked with a fire district at lunch, met with a constituent about traffic concerns, talked with several folks about appointments to commissions and boards and ended the day at the Northwest Consolidated Zoning Board meeting where the “keeping of rodeo bulls” was the topic of discussion. I was tired when I got home that night to my wife, five kids, two dogs and a cat all of whom I had been missing all day.
Many important topics are worked on by your commissioner daily including BNSF Intermodal related activities, I-35 traffic, congestion on southbound I-35 exiting at Gardner Road along with starting the construction of the new voter-approved courthouse and coroner facility while always keeping an eye on the budget, the overall cost and the expected outcomes of a $245 million project. I have explained to many if ever a new courthouse is mentioned again in my lifetime in Johnson County then we as a commission and county government have failed – and failure isn’t an option. Buildings across the USA, especially along the east coast, easily last 100+ years and buildings all over Europe are well over 500 years old… they could do it then, we can certainly do it now.
Additionally, I am focused on filling vacant and expired board and commission seats (12 seats were appointed on Feb. 2, 2017), workforce development, transit, designated truck routes, 56 Highway improvements, new parks and, of course, diminishing revenues from the State of Kansas with rising demand for human services. All of these items are moving front and center as we approach consideration of the 2018 annual budget, and I will continue to fight and push for fiscal conservatism while supplying the very best possible services in those areas where the county has an obligation. I am frugal and budget-minded in my decisions.
Should you need to contact me, please email me at mike.brown@jocogov.org or call me at 913.715.0436. I am here ready to help you get the most out of your county government… only one question stands to be asked; how may I help you?
Peace and blessings to you and yours from me and mine.