Photo courtesy of Larry Beyers

Don Roberts

Don Roberts
Edgerton mayor
In my role as mayor for the past eight years, one thing has become very clear—there is no limit to Edgerton’s possibilities. This city has proven that its goal is to not only meet expectations of our residents, but to exceed them.
In 2016, the City of Edgerton invested significant dollars in maintenance and upgrade of critical infrastructure to serve the residents. In May, the city completed the Manor Park renovation. Kids can enjoy new playground equipment while parents watch from the comfort of new picnic tables under the shelter at this neighborhood park in the heart of Edgerton. To protect and preserve critical street infrastructure, the city conducted a city-wide street inventory inspecting each street to rate road condition. Based on this inventory, 12 streets were chipped and sealed. Edgerton partnered with Johnson County to asphalt overlay Sunflower Road as it is one of the gateways into the Edgerton community used by residents and the public to access Interstate 35. Finally, the city replaced antiquated water meters with new automated meters with radio-read capability. This new technology provides advanced leak detection to assist the city and its residents in identifying leaks sooner and protecting unnecessary water loss.
The outlook in Edgerton for 2017 shines bright. This spring our first-ever Parks Master Plan process will come to a close. This plan will provide the road map for investment in parks and recreation services in Edgerton for years to come. I believe this plan will guide Edgerton towards a planning process to begin in 2017 for a new community/civic center to serve as a gathering place for residents of all ages. The city’s commitment to upgrade and maintain critical infrastructure, while exploring opportunities to leverage the city’s dollars with outside funding opportunities, will also continue in 2017. The city has been awarded two infrastructure grants. One to complete the replacement of a waterline along Nelson Street. The second for road improvements along Nelson Street from East 6th Street to East 5th Street around the Nelson Street railroad crossing.
One of the most exciting projects that will kick off in 2017 is design of the 207th Street Grade Separation. This project will design a new bridge to provide an uninterrupted path for vehicles travelling 207th Street just east of Co-op Road and improve the ability of our public safety partners to have uninterrupted access to and from our residential population. The city has been awarded a grant for construction to be coupled with revenue from Logistics Park Kansas City and is scheduled to begin construction in 2020.
As 2016 was the year Edgerton created more jobs than it has residents; 2017 is poised to build on that momentum by adding a new economic development focus. The city worked with its partners to create ElevateEdgerton!, a public-private economic development partnership focused entirely on Edgerton. Through ElevateEdgerton! we will work to leverage the new employment base into other opportunities to include residential development, commercial and retail development.
It’s a great time to be an Edgerton resident and there truly is no limit to the City’s possibilities. Thank you for the exceptional opportunity to serve this great City. We look forward to many more exceeded expectations.