Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

On Sunday Feb. 12, the Kansas Unified Sports Bocce Metro Tournament was held at Wheatridge Middle School. The event was  hosted by the local Special Olympics team and Unified Blazers Team.  Twenty-two teams and their fans from around the metro came to Gardner to participate.  Gardner had a blue team and a white team. Pictured here is Gardner’s Blue Team – from left; Norm Gustafson, Megan Boers, Janae Gustafson, Kaleigh Demaline, Caitlin Demarest, and Mark Flora-Swick. Both Blazer teams finished with a 1 – 1 record. Members of the Gardner white team were: David Grant, Ryan Prothe, Dominic Jaramillo and Chloe Mantia. Not in attendance yesterday due to illness was Luke Mayo and Isabelle Carpenter.