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Stevie Wonder’s saxophonist Ryan Kilgore visited Gardner Edgerton High School and spent time meeting with the jazz band students.
Kilgore spent time as a clinician with the kids on their jazz band pieces and also talking about the music industry.
He is from Atlanta and has spent the last 10 years as the touring sax player for Stevie Wonder, and he is now beginning his own solo tour and work. He has recently returned from a European tour to promote his new album “Just Walk”.
Kilgore is in Kansas City to be the headliner at the Band of Angels charity gala event on Feb. 4, and wanted to spend time working with music students while he was here. His visit with the GE high students gave those kids an opportunity to talk to Ryan and ask questions about the life of being a working musician, and get first hand tips on playing from a professional.
Kilgore’s goal in speaking with students is to help educate and make them aware of all of the aspects and careers available in the music industry outside of just being a playing musician. He was able to answer their questions and also talk to them about his journey through middle, high school, and college preparing himself for the worldwide journey that has become his life.
The time with the students was an amazing experience for everyone. The kids were on the edge of their seats engaged with learning more about their person, passion, and purpose for wherever that passion for music and the arts takes them, according to a GEHS press release.