Stanly Buccaneers 4-H Club’s booth was decorated in red, white and blue, as their theme was 4th of July. Submitted photo

Comet Tech 4—H Club’s theme at the food fare was National Science and Technology Day. Submitted photo

Seth Gunkel
4-H Club reporter
The Johnson County Food Fare was held on Jan. 28, 2017, and proved to be a huge success. The Food Fare theme was “Holidays,” and 11 Johnson County 4-H clubs participated.
A collection of canned goods was taken from the visitors, and these were donated to Harvesters. Cook books of the recipes the 11 clubs used were collected in a book and were available.
The Frontier Family 4-H Club served Latkes, Kugel, and jelly-stuffed donuts as their theme was “Hanukkah.” They even had gold coins on their table.
The theme for Blue River Wrangles 4-H Club was “Halloween,” and they served chocolate bones, witches brew brownies and broomstick pretzels. The club members wore Halloween apparel.
Comet Tech 4—H Club’s theme was “National Science and Technology Day,” and they wore lab coats and goggles and served pancake pop “Atoms” with fruits on a pretzel “Molecules” and pineapple infused water (H2O). Their foods taught that matter is made of atoms and molecules and forms liquids, solids and gas. They demonstrated dry ice experiments and had gasses coming from test tubes. For technology, one of their members demonstrated a computer he had built.
Pioneer 4-H Club fooled many people as their theme was “April Fools Day.” They served foods that fooled everyone. French fries that were apple slices; cups full of soda that were cups full of jell-o; and cupcakes that were meat loaf cups with a mashed potato frosting. It was funny to look into a box of donuts and find vegetables. This club had everyone guessing.
Sharon 4-H club knew how to throw a ‘Super Bowl Party’ with nachos, cinnamon sugar Chex Mix and buffalo wings. Their booth was very popular with men who attended Food Fare.
The Stanly Buccaneers 4-H Club’s booth was decorated beautifully in red, white and blue, as their theme was “4th of July.” The foods served were classic and patriotic summertime foods such as salsa and queso blanco dip with red and blue chips, lil’ smokies and watermelon.
What better way to wake up on a Saturday morning than donuts? The Great Plains 4-H club celebrated “National Donut Day” by wearing donut t-shirts and letting their guests make and eat their own donuts. They had four different types of donuts to choose from.
Oxford Hustlers 4-H Club had people decorate their own gingerbread cookies as their theme was “Christmas.” These cookies were delicious, and the gingerbread houses on their table was a fun touch.
Country Hearts 4-H Club was celebrating “St. Patrick’s Day” and served potatoes and vegetables and fruit in critter creations.
Prairie Star 4-H club had a chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries and pineapples, as their theme was “Valentines Day.” Chocolate is a favorite thing to get on Valentine’s Day.
Lucky Clover 4-H Club made springtime smoothies, devilled eggs and bunny tracks to celebrate “Easter.”
The food samples were all delicious and enjoyed by the visitors and participants as well. The holiday tasting was followed by the Master Food Volunteers teaching about foods and table settings. Food Fare 2017 was a big success.