NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING. Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of Gardner, Kansas will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Gardner Senior Center, 128 E. Park Street in consideration of the following item:

Z-16-03: Proposed rezoning from R-2, Two-Family Residential District to R-3, The Garden Apartment District for property located at 133 N. White Drive. Request by Connie and Vernon Fraley, applicants for White House, LLC, property owner of record.

Z-16-04: Proposed rezoning from R-2 Two-Family Residential District and C-2 General Business District to CP-2 Planned General Business District for properties located at 518 E. Main St, 526 E. Main St, 517 E. Shawnee St. and 116 N. White Dr. Request by Robert M. and Joyce L. O’Connor, applicants for Main Street Wash, LLC, 526 Main, LLC, 517 Shawnee, LLC and 116 White, LLC, property owners of record.

Proposed various text amendments to the Gardner City Code, Title 17 Land Development Code relating to the following articles and sections: TA-16-09: Section 17.05 regarding size limits for detached accessory buildings; TA-16-10: Section 17.05 regarding adding a category and regulations for utility infrastructure; TA-16-13: Section 17.05 regarding Outdoor Sales – Heavy use standards; TA-16-14: Section 17.05 specific use standards for Food and Beverage-Mobile.

All persons interested in said matter shall be heard at this time for the public record. For additional information regarding these applications and detailed descriptions, contact the Business & Economic Development Department, 913-856-0913, 120 E. Main Street, Gardner, Kansas.