Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well, we are about done with January.
We all survived the ice storm of 2017, and I am sure the local businesses appreciated the numerous days advanced notice given to us by the television media.
Everyone was out stocking up on bread and toilet paper for the impending ice — which was minimal and short lived.
But we survived, and before we know it, we will have spring and warmer weather.
We’ve gained approximately 20 minutes of light this past month. Thank goodness. I believe we gain another 20 minutes in the near weeks ahead.
People who garden use the Farmer’s Almanac for plantings and harvesting crops. Having a general idea of when that last killing freeze will come is really handy. It isn’t a written-in-stone sort of thing to use an almanac, but if you believe weather happens in cycles, the dates are a good rule of thumb.
I like to look for the dates of the full moons.
There isn’t anything as beautiful as stepping outside and finding a beautifully lit landscape bathed in moonlight.
If you are a people watcher you can sort of predict when the moon is or isn’t full. As most people who work with children or the public will tell you, folks get a little crazy.
Here is a list of the names of the full moons for 2017.
This list came from NASA. The times and exact dates can be located on their web site. There are other versions of the list also. I know the Native Americans had names for all the full moons, and I am sure there were moons named by location here in the U.S.

Date, Name:
Jan. 12 Wolf Moon,
Feb. 10 Snow Moon,
Mar. 12 Worm Moon, Apr. 11
Pink Moon,
May 10 Flower Moon,
June 9 Strawberry Moon,
July 9, Buck Moon
Aug. 7 Sturgeon Moon,
Sept. 6 Harvest Moon,
Oct. 5 Hunter’s Moon,
Nov. 4
Beaver Moon,
Dec. 3 Cold Moon.

As the seasons change we will probably have more snow this winter and more days when we can’t seem to get any sunshine.
Remember, if you are looking for things to do that are inexpensive after the holidays, your local library has books, and audio books and movies that can be borrowed free of charge.
Your local GEHS has a theatre production coming up in February. This would be a great way to introduce children or grandchildren to the things that are being done in the high school theatre.