It’s somewhat baffling to us that the Gardner City Council would approve a legislative agenda that wants to modify the “property tax lid” which ties taxation to the rate of inflation for cities and counties.
Originally passed by a conservative legislature in 2015, and as signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback last year, the law ties increased property tax revenues to the rate of inflation.
Originally, the “lid” was to take effect in 2018, but Brownback signed a bill to make the effective date January 2017. Although there are some exceptions, increasing property tax revenues above the rate of inflation will be allowed only with voters’ approval.
Although we don’t say it often, “Thank you Governor Sam Brownback and conservative legislators.”
Property owners who have watched their December tax statements jump steadily over the past 20 years may now see a little relief.
Or, we might at least get a chance to vote on increases above inflation.
But don’t count your pennies just yet.
Across the state, cities and counties are proposing legislative agenda and using their taxpayer funded lobbyists – to modify or change the “property tax lid.”
Shame on them.
In the early 90’s officials had to go out and “stump” for increased taxes – and show results for the taxes they received. There was no tie to inflation – if they wanted money, they held meetings, went door to door, and told voters “ why and what for.”
It gave local residents more control over taxes paid, and how they were spent.
Accountability is a good thing.
As stated, and approved unanimously, the Gardner legislative agenda says, “Gardner supports modifying current legislation so that a public vote is based on a protest provision.”
Generally speaking, if changed, this would work similar to school district’s local option budgets – tax increases would be considered approved unless a protest petition was signed within a certain period , validated, approved and went to a public vote.
Just stop.
This is America.
No taxation without representation – remember? Let us vote.