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The New Year brought changes to Water District No. 7, with the acquisition of nearly 700 new customers.
Effective Jan. 1, WD7 acquired Water District No. 6, near De Soto.
“As with most districts, the boundaries meander quite a bit,” said Allan Soetaert, WD7 managers’ since CRWD6 was acquired by WD7, the name will remain “Water District No. 7, Johnson County.”
“Total number of customers is approximately 3000,” Soetaert said. “WD7 acquired all assets and liabilities of CRWD6. There was no cost involved in the acquisition.”
The acquisition was a mutual decision by both district’s board of directors. WD7 had been compensated for many years in assisting CRWD6 with some of its accounts receivables, billing tasks and billing inquiries, Soetaert said.
“Combining the two districts had been discussed over the years, largely in fact to the similarity of the two water systems and their close proximity,” Soetert continued. CRWD6 was a natural extension, to the north, of WD7.
“Both have a significant interconnection, of pipe, between the two – and could easily assist each other in times of emergency,” he said.
In addition, the water rates were comparable, their source of supply was common, and their entire billing process was recently contracted to be performed by WD7.
“It made sense to consider the ‘economy of scale’ of joining the two districts and operating them as one,” he said. CRWD6’s customers will realize a small reduction in their water rates, while all customers (CRWD6 & WD7) will realize the economy of scale going forward.
Soetaert said there are no immediate plans for upgrading the system; however, a system analysis is anticipated for the entire system to identify areas of need.
“This report will help identify the areas that should be considered for improvement,” he said.
Billing cycles were similar and will remain the same. However, customers of WD7 will be encouraged all to use the Customer Web Portal.
“This will allow customers to view their account history, pay their bill, request changes to their account and view the latest information related to the district,” Soetaert said.