Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well, we are in the grips of winter. Of course it isn’t nearly as bad as up north. Our cold spells seem to come and go, and our snow is really, to be honest, not a lot.
If you have turned on a tv in the last 15 years, I am sure you have happened across “Survivor.” It is a reality tv game show played by mostly good looking young to middle aged people. The idea is to form alliances and compete in challenges and win the big money at the end.
I was told by a family member years ago that if the show was worth its name they would try a different approach. Put those 20 people on an island with a pride of hungry lions. Give them clues to parts of a weapon, such as a cross bow, and let the real games begin.
I don’t go for animal cruelty, but I am sure the public would have a section that would love this version.
I went to our big box store the other day. Weather was changing. The sights in the store are always interesting.
I am sure there was a secret casting call for “Survivor Midwest” that particular day. The hopefuls were out in large numbers. I followed a gentleman in from the parking lot. He was in his late to middle 50’s. Large build, seemed fairly intelligent. He was wearing a safety yellow t-shirt with loose fitting sweatpants shorts and tennis shoes with no socks. It was cold outside, wind chills to the minus numbers.
I was trained with a few basics of self preservation by my parents. First remove your coat while in the house or work, that way you will be warm when you put it on to go outside. Second zip the doggone coat up. If it is open the cold gets in. Third wear a cap or pull up a hood. You lose a lot of heat through the top of your head. Finally wear gloves and proper footwear for the season.
This man was buying a small refrigerator. What? My best guess is he was going to try out for “Survivor.” Or possibly trying to condition himself for the next frigid Chief’s football game?
The next person I observed was best described as a young teen ager. As a mom, this age seems to last forever. Maybe her Mom had just given up all hope of teaching this young lady how to stay warm. I am sure she had tried.
Mom was dressed with a coat, hat gloves and warm shoes! They were checking out ahead of me. Daughter spent time in line with coat thrown on floor. Phone clutched tightly in hands texting to her bff. Her hair was mid back length and wet. Her pants drug the ground and looked wet and nasty.
But bless her heart, she wasn’t going to give up those flip flops no matter what the temperature. The Mom insisted she put the coat on and the eye roll that followed was, well classic.
Mom tried, really she did…
I am not sure if either of those two had the right stuff for “Survivor.” But good luck to both if that was the idea.
I will continue to dress as an old lady and follow my parent’s instructions on cold weather. Winter isn’t very long here, and we can easily prepare and survive the conditions. So for now bundle up!