Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I was trying to put a column together in my head for the first week of 2017. I was trying to think of funny anecdotes to be used to give you a chuckle or bring a smile.
I know some of you pick up the paper weekly to exclaim ”well that sure isn’t news worthy” for my efforts. But for some people it is a little escape from the hum drum of daily work and life.
I have put away the Christmas finery for the most part. Still waiting on a part for my new tree. (See It is Voodoo).
I was noticing I received three Christmas cards this year. Three die hard, old school folks who send out cards. I could have gotten more if I had mailed a few out. It isn’t that I dislike mail or mailing things. I just believe a hug in the passing and a heartfelt Merry Christmas is better.
I keep up with family and people who matter on Facebook. I text those who don’t spill their lives for all to see. I keep family and friends close and enemies closer.
In years past I was part of the machinery for a newsletter sent out by a family member. I went from label maker to letter writer. You try to keep the news very general. Yes the kids are fine. No, we haven’t moved or lost any pets. Yes we love to hear from everyone at the holidays.
I have to tell you, those Christmas letters coming in the mail from those near and dear, make me cringe. Glorious photo’s of the Xxxx family in front of the Pyramids. The Yyyyyyy’s sprawled out in beach chairs in the sun in France. I can’t think of 10 people who would want to read the adventures of a slightly removed family member having the time of their life, while you work hard to try and make it through the year.
I helped with the letters because I was asked too and because it was important for that person to keep family and friends up to date on the goings on in the clan.
Once again, just not my cup of tea.
I was very privileged for a long time, to get every year, a photo of three Doberman Pinschers dressed in holiday garb or fashioned into a scene from a TV show.
I am not much for dressing pets in clothing, but I truly loved these photos. I saved every one of them.
They came from a young woman who had been a neighbor of mine for many years. She had those wonderful dogs and no children for a time. Now the times have moved forward, and her photo on the internet was her three beautiful daughters and one dog.
So until I ramp up my card sending, three is probably my high number.
The Gardner Police Department mentioned on the internet they received a number of holiday greetings this year. They were very happy with the well wishes. One card in particular stood out, however.
It was a photo of two of the creatures from the trail cams I talked about near Halloween. They were looking good. Apparently they have a nice place to spend the winter. They also seem to be good with card making and printing.
A letter would have been good, but the card was enough.