County residents are fortunate to have a respected and professional law enforcement agency with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.
Much of that can be credited to the leadership of Sheriff Frank Denning and Undersheriff Kevin Cavanaugh, who are retiring after decades of law enforcement experience.
Both are graduates of the FBI National Academy and have served the boards of various organizations.
Under their stewardship, county residents saw the development of an internet crime unit, a nationally accredited criminalistics laboratory and enjoyed the outreach and continued collaboration of their efforts with other local agencies and resources.
Denning has been a familiar face in Gardner and Edgerton; never hesitant to leave his office and reach out to the public, and the sheriff’s department contracts with the City of Edgerton to provide law enforcement coverage.
We’re sure the sheriff’s deputies will continue serving the public with the unobtrusive, polite and informed manner for which they are known.
Their well-tempered and courteous dispositions command respect – as opposed to demanding it.
That’s a tone set from the top down by self-assured and experienced professionals who respect authority and go about doing their jobs with egos in check and nothing to prove, and – as a result – provide exceptional service.
We are sure the sheriff’s department will continue forward as the same professional and respected law enforcement agency under the new leadership of Calvin Hayden, sheriff-elect. Hayden, a former county commissioner, also has a lengthy law enforcement career.
But we’re sad to see Denning and Cavanaugh retire.
They have served the public well and leave a legacy of which they should be proud.
Thank you for your service.