Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
We are all thinking it. Another year gone by.
For some of us, the year seem to have flown. They go by so fast now that I am an adult and marking time past the age of 50.
School children think years go so slowly, of course until summer and, it zips by on the wings of a butterfly.
We lost a lot of people in the music industry this year. Singers, entertainers and songwriters.
Lots of folks also lost family members. Some have people who are ill or are just failing. Some are just fading away.
So what did I get done this year?
Nothing that’s a big deal. I did visit a couple of states I had never seen before. More to go on that quest.
I enjoyed some glorious sunsets, some fantastic sunrises, and an absolutely breathtaking view of the night skies in a total dark area.
I hope by writing columns, I have made you laugh. I hope I have made you remember something that was important when you were younger.
I try every week to share something with those who wish to read it. Things that aren’t political or religious or even too thought provoking.
As I say, puppies and kittens.
Just trying to share the lighter side of living in our town.
Making a New Year’s resolutions is a futile endeavor in my book. They are too easily forgotten or cast aside.
So again this year, I will try to:
1. Organize my garage
2. Give someone a compliment when they are looking down or stressed. ( it never takes away from you to give a compliment).
3. Finish a few more of my sewing projects I have squirreled away in boxes.
4. Make time for someone who needs a little help.
Thank you to the folks who have stopped by our office and said they like to read my columns.
Thank you to the men and women who have to work holidays, so we can be safe.
Thank you to those working in hospitals and all other places that work 24/7 just so we can have normal lives.
Let’s all try to be a little kinder next year.
Maybe a little more patient.
Maybe refrain from the snarky comment, and the horn honking for no reason.
Maybe 2017 can be a good year.
At this point it has a clean slate, so we can work on it together.