It’s almost time to flip another page on the calendar.
Whatever 2016 was – good or bad, exciting or ho-hum – it’s about to be history.
And in the tradition of New Year’s, we have a few resolutions.
–Think before you speak and consider the consequences of your words
That’s true in person, and even more true when comments are made anonymously behind the buffer of a key board, as the words that go into the depths of the internet are impossible to erase.
What sounds cute when transmitted to your friends, may sound snarky or stupid to others.
— Be tolerant and respectful.
We all make mistakes, misjudge, misspeak, or just go off the rails sometimes.
Treat others as you would want to be treated. Move past what you consider negative, and either look for common ground, or just agree to disagree.
This is America, we don’t all have to agree, but it is important we respect the rights and opinions of others.
And finally.
— Smile more.
Life is short, find joy in the small things.
If you like to knit, knit.
If you play ball, practice more.
If you like to read, break out a book.
Find something that makes you happy.
Whatever your problems, take a minute each day to cast them aside and smile.
Even in the darkest room, a pinpoint of light is visible.