Edgerton city council in session on Dec. 15, 2016. Pictured are: from left; Darius Crist, Cindy Crooks, Don Roberts (mayor), Clay Longanecker, Charlie Troutner and Jody Brown. Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner news
Those Edgerton residents who have their water disconnected due to nonpayment will see an increase of $15 for reconnection next year.
The increase came during the city’s last meeting of this year Dec. 15. Council’s regularly scheduled meeting for Dec. 21 had been rescheduled due to the holiday.
The Dec. 15 meeting was only about 20 minutes long, not including an executive session, and the main item of discussion was fees, rates and services.
One of those fees discussed and increased was the water reconnection fee, which was increased from $10 to $25 with a 4-1 vote. Charlie Troutner, councilmember, opposed.
Fees and rates for city services were previously defined in the Municipal Code “Code Book.”.Amendments to the code book required both a resolution and an ordinance.
In December, 2015, council approved Ordinance No. 1006 which authorized the city to create a Fee Resolution
Now separate from the code book, changes can be enacted more easily, by resolution only.
The Fee Resolution is reviewed annually. Last March, some animal control, wastewater and water service fees were established.
At the meeting, the council considered Resolution No. 12-15-2016A, which removes the remaining rate and fee items from the municipal code book and puts them in the Fee Resolution.
Most items moved over unchanged; however, there were some revisions.
Water System Development fees used to be a flat rate of $3,250. Staff recommended changing to a scale of fees based on size of water meter.
Staff also recommended increasing the re-connection fee for water services. Residents who have their water shut off would pay $25 for re-connection, instead of the previous fee of $10.
There were also some new fees for inspections and permits added under the section defining Zoning and Development Fees.
Council passed Resolution No. 12-15-2016A with a 4-1 vote. Charlie Troutner was the ‘nay’ vote, noting objection to the water re-connection fee increase.
Under the consent agenda, council approved final acceptance of the Waverly Road project and authorized final payment to Clarkson Construction Company.
Prior to the council meeting, a reception with cake and refreshments was held to recognize James Elrod, public works assistant supervisor. Elrod is retiring after 33 years of service.