Plans for a community center in Edgerton was briefly mentioned by Don Roberts, mayor at their Nov. 17 meeting.
During a discussion regarding problems with second floor meeting space at city hall, Roberts said the city has construction of an entirely new community center facility in its vision for the near future.. “It would be my hope that we could go through this process next year, and construction and complete in 2 or 3 years,” Roberts said at the meeting.
More exact information regarding the community center will be determined as the Parks Master Plan develops.
“We really are in the stage of pre-planning with a lot more work that will involve the Edgerton community yet to come,” Beth Linn, city administrator said. Information regarding the center’s location, amenities, budget and design are still being determined.
“Much of that will be decided in the next phase of work after completion of the Master Plan,” Linn said. “We hope to begin that next phase of work in early 2017”.
Early in 2016, Edgerton kicked off its first Parks Master Plan process. The purpose of a Park Master Plan is to develop, with assistance from the community, a comprehensive vision for the development and preservation of recreation and open spaces that allows all residents access to quality outdoor experiences. As road map for investment, the parks master plan will include:
• Inventory of existing parks facilities
• Recommendations for improvements to existing parks and facilities
• Desired levels of service for different types of park facilities (I.e. neighborhood parks, trails. etc)
• Future park and facility needs based on desired levels of service as Edgerton grows
• Approach and criteria for prioritization of projects based on limlted available funding
• Opportunities for connectivity to other park systems
During the process public input was gathered from over 100 participants in various ways including open houses, electronic and manual surveys. That feedback indicated that residents are most interested in trails, an aquatic amenity and a community center. The input also highlighted a few key takeaways encouraging the city to improve amenities at existing parks, explore new offering such as a connected trail system that includes bike and walking trails, and a desire for programs/activities to further connect people and neighborhood together.
The final Parks Master Plan is expected to be approved by council in early 2017. Following approval of the Master Plan, the city will likely begin additional planning work towards priorities identified in the plan.