As evidenced by commercials, seasonal music and holiday decorations — that began popping up even before Thanksgiving, – the Christmas season is here.
We’re hoping the spirit of Christmas doesn’t get lost in the cyber sales and barrage of electronic gadgets that show up this time every year, first on television, then under the tree and then tucked away in some nook or cranny never to be seen again.
Christmas is much more than a shopping list.
It’s a beautiful season.
Christmas lights push back the cold winter sky; crowds of smiling people attend area lighting ceremonies; Santa comes to town and puts smiles on everyone’s faces.
And it brings out the kindness and generosity of most participants.
Churches, civic organizations and businesses all work to bring joy to the most humble of residents; making sure all the “needy” have food and gifts.
But “needy” in material goods is much less important than those “needy” in hope and joy.
And that’s the beauty of Christmas, so many people reaching out in a positive manner, putting aside their own issues and assisting others.
We wish it were Christmas year around.