Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
We have a new president elect. Voter turn-out was better than it has been in years.
Those people who had their candidate win are looking to the future.
Those who had their choice lose are in some places rioting and yelling “do over!”Not fair!” “Not our president”.
Well as a constant voter, this is what happens.
Sometimes the person you support whole heartedly doesn’t win.
Sometimes you get the other choice.
You don’t give up, you don’t scream and kick, you don’t threaten to never vote again. Most of all you don’t trash things and block highways. Express your opinions to your representatives. Lots and lots of campaign promises are left on the floor six months later.
Let’s just sit back and hold on for a time.
On Nov. 11, we honored our veterans. Thank you to all who have served, and those still defending our freedom in the military.
This past week also, it seems, kicked off the Christmas season. The local big box store was decked to the rafters with Christmas in every isle. Almost every other end cap was featuring red merchandise. As I like to say at my house, “Oh look someone threw up Christmas.”
I also traveled to our local grocery store on Saturday. That is not my usual shopping day, but I needed a couple of things.
Stepping inside the front door I was bombarded by Dickinsonian Carolers doing their best to bring me tidings of comfort and joy. Whoa! Let’s step back just a bit and allow us to eat turkey and stuffing before we turn the light on to the Christmas tree.
Saturday afternoon was followed by an event that I hope won’t be a tradition.
It was the “bathing of the cat.”
I am helping with the battle of the fleas at a local residence, and this was the next step. House had been bombed, cat repeatedly treated with flea preventative. All three parties involved in the bathing ritual survived.
The cat was much prettier, and a large number of fleas were killed.
No blood loss reported from either human involved.
There was a super moon this morning as I took my dog out. It was closer to the earth than it had been for a long-long time.
What a beautiful sight in the western sky. Next one is in 2034.
So quite the week we have had.
Looking ahead, Nov 21, 5:30 p.m. Edgerton City Hall, presentation by Amazon to the Bank of Knowledge. As many of you know, Edgerton is in Johnson County. As you also know, the citizens there pay county taxes like everyone else, but for years the people of Edgerton begged for a library.
We had a cart of books in city hall. That was it.
Finally a small dedicated group cleaned up the former bank building on Nelson St., also formerly a grocery store, but vacant for years.
The Bank of Knowledge was born.
Amazon is making a donation to the Bank of Knowledge. Come down and help the people celebrate.
Good things can happen even if it is just a small group of individuals.
So you see we survived last week.
We have a new week to deal with and good things to look forward to in the future.
Let’s all remember to be kind to each other.
We are all stuck on this third rock from the sun together.