Gardner Edgerton’s enrollment increased about 178 students this year, according to the unaudited headcount submitted to the state board of education on Oct. 10.
That brings USD 231’s enrollment to just over 6,000, and equates to about a 3.04 percent increase from 2015, Rob Schwarz, RSP and Associations, USD 231 demographer told the board at their Nov. 7 meeting.
The enrollment data, along with other Johnson County data, will be reviewed to generate new five-year enrollment projections. This will provide the district a preliminary report to use as other information is gathered from staff members to identify future staffing needs.
The enrollment projections will also be used to determine if a more detailed review of school boundaries is necessary.
After additional information is gathered, it is reviewed by cabinet members and shared in a presentation by the demographer to the school board, according to Leeann Northway, public information officer.
“The average increase in enrollment for the past ten years is approximately 150 new students per year,” said Northway. “Currently Madison and Sunflower has reached capacity with Nike close to capacity.”
In June, Schwarz told the board that RSP uses a measurement formula to forecast measuring change in order to forecast what the future can bring. Schwarz said the most important factors were Cohort Growth, External Growth, Kindergarten Change and Economic Growth/Scenarios.
Schwarz said 430 migrated into the Gardner-Edgerton School District in 2014-15, and 450 students left the district. They also weighed census data for 0-4 year olds through 2020 in the district along with 15-59 year-olds; along with the number of students in certain planning areas that could be potential residential areas. These planning areas included the I-35 and Gardner Road and I-35 and 175th Street Corridors.
Schwarz, also emphasized that the enrollment growth is mostly at the high school level. “Student enrollment has increased 11 percent from 2000-01 to now,” he said then.
Previously school officials anticipated USD 231 would grow by 2.5 to 3.5 percent this year, according to a March, 2016, report from Jody Marshall, director of human resources.