By the time this editorial appears in print, the 2016 election will be over.
Thank goodness.
It seems this election cycle has stretched on forever.
With 24 hour “news” coverage from a myriad of national media conglomerates hanging onto candidates’ every word and gesture, it’s not only confusing, it’s annoying and depressing.
We can’t recall a campaign season with as many get-down-in-the-dirt ads coming from all directions – mailers, social media, broadcast and print.
And we’ve seen negative ads from all sides during this election.
Unfortunately, all this mudslinging has become almost a tradition – a sport. And some of it laughable and preposterous. Seriously, who comes up with some of these inane mailers? Candidates dressed like pirates, puppy dogs and military helicopters.
The mentality of many of the ads make us wonder if logic, ethics and critical thinking are still taught in schools. If not, it should be.
Now there are television commercials with cars that automatically brake because (according to the ad) people only have an attention span on eight seconds. That’s about how long it takes us to toss one of the childish mailers into the trash. . . . . or mute the volume on the television.
If you have to tear down your competition to look good, you’ve got little to offer. Next election, we hope candidates will tell us their plans and what they CAN do, rather than haranguing their opponent.
As our mother’s used to say, if you can’t find something good to say, be quiet.
And. . . . . . .
No matter who wins or loses, we hope this country will pull together and end all of the bickering and negativity .