clear-unclear-sidewalk-examplesBoth Gardner and Edgerton require sidewalks be cleared within 48 hours after a snow or ice storm.
In Edgerton, property owners or occupants who do not remove snow or ice from sidewalks 48 hours after the storm ceases may receive a notice from the code enforcement officer. If the property owner has extenuating circumstances prohibiting the removal of the snow or ice from the sidewalk, the property owner should contact the city within 5 days of receiving the notice. It is unlawful to place snow removed from private property onto a public street, alley or sidewalk.
Clearing sidewalks in Gardner must also be completed within 48 hours of when the storm ends.
According to Gardner’s website, clear sidewalks are considered a shared community responsibility. All residents of Gardner, no matter the age or ability, need to use sidewalks to get where they’re going every day of the year. If the property owner is absent, they are still responsible for ensuring someone clears sidewalks and ramps next to their property.
Uncleared sidewalks may be reported to the Gardner’s code enforcement officer, or on the city’s website.