Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
At the Nov. 7 meeting, Christopher Mann was appointed to the position of city prosecutor by Gardner city council, effective Nov. 8.  Council also considered four ordinances, four resolutions, a revised investment policy, a revised schedule of fees, and heard two public comments.
Public comments
Harold Quaintance, who has served as president of the Gardner Lake Association (GLA) for the past 6 years, informed council that he has retired from the GLA board.
He recalled some of the projects the lake board and the city had worked together on over the years and expressed his appreciation for their help and cooperation.
Later in updates, Chris Morrow, mayor, thanked Quaintance for all his years of service to the community.
Jeff Pfeifer of Gardner spoke to council about the parks and recreation department’s youth sports programs, specifically the ‘Youth Sports Drafting Procedures.’
According to Pfeifer, the rules regarding drafting of players and formation of teams are ignored and this results in a situation where all participants are not treated equally and fairly.
He said he has been voicing concerns to parks and recreation staff about this for eight years and nothing has changed.
Pfeifer said he is not asking for any changes to the council approved ‘Youth Sports Drafting Procedures. Instead, he is insisting that council demand parks and recreation staff enforce the published procedures.
Council discussed the topic for about 15 minutes again in council updates.
Scott Garrie, parks and recreation director, said he would observe the next draft and evaluate.
Advisory board recommendations
Council considered recommendation from the Utility Advisory Commission to award a service contract to rebuild two high service water pumps at Hillsdale Water Treatment Plant.
The pumps being rebuilt have been in service since 1998.
The $85,198 service contract was approved with an ‘aye’ vote.
The Airport Advisory Board sent council recommendation to start charging a $100 deposit to be on the hangar waiting list.
Those who are already on the list now will be contacted. They will have 60 days to pay the deposit or be removed from the list.
Council approved with an ‘aye’ vote.
Standard codes
Council passed Ordinance No. 2529 adopting the “Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities” with a 5-0 vote.
Ordinance No. 2530 adopting the “Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities” was also passed with unanimous vote.
The standards are published by the League of Kansas Municipalities. Both allow exceptions, deletions and modifications at the city’s discretion.
Jim Pruetting, chief of police, gave the staff presentation for both items.
He reviewed a number of provisions and changes Gardner makes.
Revised investment policy
Laura Gourley, finance director, asked for approval of a revised investment policy.
She said the current policy is more restrictive than Kansas Statutes and hinders staff’s ability to best invest funds.
The recommendation was to change a few lines in the existing policy.
A handout was provided with changes marked in red. In Section 4, which deals with collateralized security interest, the level was changed from 105 percent to 100 percent.
In Section 6, a sentence requiring competitive bids for investments was struck.
Council approved the revised policy with an ‘aye’ vote.
Revised fee schedules
Larry Powell, business and economic development director, gave the staff recommendation to adopt a schedule of fees and charges in municipal code.
This would revise someexisting fees, as well as add some new ones.
When asked how this would affect builders, Powell said overall it would lower developers’ costs.
Resolution No. 1956 approved the fee changes. Ordinance No. 2531 was required to amend the Municipal Code to reflect the changes.
Both items were approved by 5-0 votes.
Bethel Estates
Wheatland Investment Group wants to develop 72 moderate income apartments intended for seniors 55 and older.
The developers are seeking low-income housing tax credits from the state. To get that status, they need a resolution of support from the city for their tax credit application.
The developers also requested a resolution of support from the city for application for grant funds from Kansas Housing Resources Corporation, to construct a storm water management system.
The state requires the city apply for the grant on behalf of the developer.
The two resolutions, No. 1957 and No. 1958, were passed with 5-0 votes.