Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
All of us experienced the same thing this past weekend. We switched back from Daylight Saving time to regular time.
It happened over Saturday night. We reset our clocks, and we went to bed. Some even got that extra hour of sleep.
If you didn’t remember to reset the clocks, Sunday was a sort of an off day.
At my house setting the clocks is no big deal. Most of them nowadays reset themselves. Computers, phones etc.
However, the internal clocks on my furry roommates are not easily reset. My Corgi doesn’t like to change her eating habits. Being an older girl, she likes breakfast on time. (Her time) And the following meals and treats at regular intervals.
So Sunday was a day full of dog under foot. I would sit, and she would be glaring at me from across the room. I would go upstairs, where she isn’t allowed,and the cats would accompany me.
It will take a few days to retrain me, but I am sure the crew will eventually win out.
Now some facts about Daylight Saving Time. ( Yes this is the proper term) It isn’t daylight savings, no “s” on the end of it.
Our forefather Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea to reset clocks in order to conserve energy. But we only started using the system in 1918 .
We used to change those clocks in April and end in October. However in ’05 we went to the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.
There are 78 countries that observe daylight saving.
In America, the states of Arizona and Hawaii do not.
In 1974 we went on saving time and didn’t come off until 1975. This was during the gasoline shortages. We all remember those gas lines don’t we?
I like the extra light in the summer. I love getting out of bed to sunlight and having evenings full of light to get gardening and other things done.
I have a problem with not enough light in the winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a real thing. I have always said I was solar powered and need the sunlight to recharge my batteries . . . . and my attitude.
My daughter bought me a small lamp that sits on my desk at home. It is helpful in keeping the doldrums and blues away in the winter time.
Next month, Dec. 21st is the shortest day of the year. Right before those holidays which are full of ups and downs.
Then there is January which is always a long cold month.
Some of us haven’t even turned on the furnace yet. The next three months will be full of icy winds and grey gloomy days. We live in Kansas, it is a fact, we have winter.
Kansans have four seasons and most of us like it that way.
I am not sure if I like the time change thing. I wonder if it has passed its usefulness. . . . Or not ?.
We will have long hours of daylight next summer, no matter what the clock says, and we will have short days of sunlight this winter.
A line from a favorite poem of mine goes “we are closer to spring, than we were in September.”
Until then the critters, and I will try not to get on each other’s nerves too much.