It’s a newspaper tradition to make endorsements, but what’s more important than who we endorse is your personal selection when you exercise your right to vote.
There are two heavily contested races in our area:
John Toplikar, incumbent, vs. Mike Brown for Johnson County Commission
We endorse John Toplikar.
Toplikar has 25 years experience in the political arena. That can be good, or that can be bad. In this case, we believe Toplikar has the experience, history and backbone to be the people’s advocate.
Every politician has flaws, Toplikar is no different; he can be a maverick.
But he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves, research and ask questions; or to be the lone “no” voice when necessary.
He’s rarely – if ever – absent from the commission’s regular meeting, and he comes prepared.
Brown has never held elective office. We admire his willingness to serve, but elective office compared to business is as different as is driving a Corvette vs. Mack truck.
Julia Lynn, incumbent, vs. Chris Morrow for State Senate.
We endorse Chris Morrow.
In this case, as much as we like Sen. Julia Lynn, it’s time for change.
We’re concerned with the direction Kansas is taking, and Lynn has been involved in many of the decisions that have thrown this state into a financial tailspin.
While Morrow may be a newbie to the state arena, he’s not new to politics; currently serving as Gardner’s mayor and previously on the city council.
Morrow promises to work to return Kansas to financial stability and to promote transparency. Righting a sinking ship is no easy task; but something has to be done to stabilize and improve the economy, education funding and job market.
We’re afraid with Lynn, it will be politics and lobbyists as usual. There has to be change. We will vote for Morrow.
In other races, we endorse:
Bill Sutton, state representative,
Molly Baumgartner, state senate
And Willie Dove, state representative.
Hunting Amendment.
We will vote “no” on the proposed hunting amendment.
It looks to be a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. The only reason we’ve been given for the amendment is “other states have done it.”
As our mothers used to say, “if everyone else jumps off a bridge, will you?”
We see no need for this amendment, and question why it is even on the ballot.
Public Sales tax
We will vote “no” on the proposed sales tax for a new courthouse.