Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well as it happens when I sorted through my mail two weeks ago, I came upon an ominous envelope. JURY COORDINATOR.
That one always brings a slight skip to the heart and a certain dread.
I do understand the need for juries. Much like voting, it is your duty to serve if called.
You can try to get out of it. Maybe you will succeed, but if the tables were turned, and you needed a jury for a final decision, you would want a group made up of your peers.
Not sure who my peers are.
Middle aged women? Women who like to shop at the local hobby store with 60 percent discounts? Dog or cat people? Folks who binge watched all of “Stranger Things” in one weekend?
Well I filled out the required paperwork. I printed neatly where I worked. “At a newspaper.” Hoping the magic talisman of media might protect me.
Hoping it might be seen as a crystal ball of information on all legal cases being filed in the county.
After all, the misconception of working at the paper is that you know every event that is taking place and every bit of gossip surrounding those events.
I sent the form back early, because if I leave it lying around, I might possibly toss the whole thing in the trash.
Low and behold I get a letter back.
Jury duty summons.
Call the phone number on specified date check to see when and if you report.
I have served on a jury before. I was a young mom at the time and fit the peer group to a T. It was a short trial. We didn’t deliberate very long. Not a bad gig.
Only bad part was the parking.
Skip forward 20 years, and the parking at the court house is still the only drawback to the whole thing.
New courthouse on the ballot in November, no extra parking being mentioned for new courthouse.
So I mark “jury day” on the calendar at work. I will wait to see if my court number is one needed for jurors.
I do a trial run to Olathe to make sure I know where the good parking places are near the court house.
Then I wait.