Times are tough, and court fees and fines are high. Gardner’s court collections have increased about 14 percent.
For those on a limited budget, it’s often difficult to pay tickets.
We know – if you can’t afford the fine, don’t do the crime. Cute sound bite, but things do happen.
Maybe your foot gets a little heavy on the accelerator; you might scamper thru a red light; or maybe you put off buying car tags or insurance and used the money for food or medicine.
Or, maybe you’re just a disorganized mess and miss your court date, and now you’re worried every time you see the police in your rear view mirror.
If only it were a perfect world – but it isn’t.
Gardner Municipal Court has a fairly good track record at working with people to pay fines. The secret is – go to court, even if you are short funds. But if you didn’t, contact the court clerk.
And for those who have fallen between the cracks – even self-imposed cracks – we hope Gardner will consider an annual clean slate day.
Get the word out that on a certain date, anyone with warrants is welcome to come in and make arrangements.