Contributing columnist
I can hardly wait till November. No, I am not looking forward to shorter days or furnaces being turned on.
I am really weary of this bickering about the elections.
I am tired of logging into Facebook and seeing all these post about candidate A calling candidate B names. I am tired of hearing candidate A said this in 1996?
Really? Who can remember back that far, and don’t we get to change our minds?
People are fighting over who they will vote for. I have never in my life changed my mind about something because someone told me I was stupid or ill informed.
Frank from Arkansas says Hillary is a liar, and Bill from Arizona says Trump is a crook. But they are at each others throats day in and day out. Sooooooo — you unfollow them.
Fight on your own page and out of my sight. I have voted in every election since 1972.
Sometimes my candidate wins, sometimes they loose.
Sometime I tell you who I voted for, and sometimes I don’t.
I have seen those campaign promises, six months down the road, turn to dust.
Crushed by Congress or just conveniently forgotten.
I would like the candidates to tell me how they are going to stop these mass shootings, how we can restore integrity in some places and trust in our police departments. How we can make people respect each other. How we can get back to valuing human life and not seeing a color associated with that value.
I am weary, very weary.
The elections can’t get here soon enough.
I want my Facebook posts filled with puppies and kittens again. I want to hear of less and less incidents of people being shot, and children gunned down in schools.
I hope you are registered, and you vote.
I hope you choose the candidate you believe best represents your attitude and outlook for the future.
I also hope if your person doesn’t win, you will try to make change happen in a civilized way through the system that is in place.
If you don’t vote, well I am just going to say, you don’t have a right to complain.