Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
At his first advisory board meeting, Michael Kramer, interim director of public works, introduced himself to the board.
With the airport under the city’s management now, the public works director assumes the duties of airport manager.
Kramer presented the staff recommendation to establish a $100 deposit on hangars.
The board approved, and that recommendation will now be forwarded to city council.
If council approves, notices will be sent out to all renters, requiring payment within 60 days.
Kramer updated the board on the land acquisition of the Paulsen tract.
The tenants now have 30 days to get moved out and then the house will be demolished.
Kramer told the board that staff would begin requesting bids for aviation fuel.
Board members questioned changing the fuel vendor.
The airport has been using Phillips aviation fuel, which board members believe is a quality fuel. It was referred to as “something of a status symbol.”
In addition, they questioned if other vendors could use the delivery system. If any changes were required, it could eliminate whatever savings were gained from a slightly lower fuel cost.
There was no action on this item, only discussion.
The board seemed to solidly favor sticking with Phillips.
Kramer said staff would review the topic, but he thought it would have to go out for public bid.
Brad Weisenburger, Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) of Lawrence, gave an update on the Airport Layout Plan.
An initial meeting has occurred with the owners of nearby property to discuss the acquisition. This is 17 acres of land in the airport’s Runway Protection Zone (RPZ),
The owners appear to be open to negotiating sale of the land.
Weisenburger said he had met with Laura Gurley, city finance director, and discussed 2017 budget.
He noted that funds for the purchase of that property, were not allocated for in the budget.
Council will need to approve, but Weisenburger thought it would still be added, even though the city has completed the budget.
Weisenburger stressed the importance of detailed financial reports.
One of the board members reported that the septic field was under water after the last rain, and the buildings could not use the bathrooms for a couple days.
Kramer said he would get out there soon to evaluate the situation.