Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
First and foremost, I love movies. I like all kinds of movies.
My first memories are sitting in a darkened theatre, in Olathe,with my family. We had gone to see “Old Yeller.” My Dad had gone to an American Legion meeting, and we got to go to the movies. The lights went dim, and the music started, and I was enchanted.
I watched movies on TV and got the occasional trip to a theatre.
Our music teacher, Mr. Marksbury, took us on several field trips to see movies. I think one was “How The West Was Won.” We rode the bus to a beautiful theatre downtown in Kansas City. There was an intermission, because the movie was so long.
I grew up watching John Wayne, Sean Connery and Jimmy Stewart. I loved and still love westerns, spy movies and comedies.
I am fascinated with the animation done by Pixar and the new movies by Disney.
I remember going to see “Star Wars” when it came out. We sneaked a camera in with us and took pictures of the amazing scenes of futuristic fighter planes and creatures. I remember arriving just a few minutes late for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” which was showing at the Glenwood Theatre. We sat on the second row and watched the whole movie with our heads looking almost straight up at the huge surround screen.
I also won tickets through a local radio station; back in the 70’s and went to a midnight premiere, dressed in a formal, to see “Bless The Beasts and the Children.”
Movies to me are the best escape in the world — second only to reading a good book. Sitting in a movie theatre, there are few distractions, only entertainment for that limited time.
I am learning to appreciate the directors more and some of the new actors and actresses appearing on screen are very good.
I am open to suggestions of movie titles.
I recently watched St. Vincent, with Bill Murray and one from the early 2000’s called “Proof of Life.” It was a thriller with Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan.
I was very pleased with “The Martian” and a couple of years back with “Interstellar.” One of my newer favorites is “UP” a Pixar creation. It gets an A+.
I don’t get to the movies very often anymore. I subscribe to a service that sends them to my house in a red envelope. I can keep it until it gets watched and send it back for another.
I used this service several years back but was totally too busy to sit and make a list of the movies I wanted to see. Now I leisurely flip through names and titles and choose when and where I want to watch them. It will never be as good as sitting in a comfortable movie chair, lights low, totally involved in the plot line, but it works for me.
If you haven’t seen a good movie in a while, maybe it is time. If you don’t want to leave the house or feel today’s movies are too violent or harsh, try a disc rental service.
You can get a movie at the grocery store or the big box store. There are free local channels on the TV that play old westerns and combat movies. Movies are a great way to relax or visit places far away. You can step into the life of someone else, for short time, and never leave your living room.