Congratulations City of Edgerton.
Although your decision to leave the Southwest Johnson County EDC to focus on a more Edgerton-centric organization is bittersweet, it’s a good move for a little town that has always sported a “can-do” attitude.
From refurbishing the original Grange Hall into city hall and renovating a collapsed and condemned storefront into the Bank of Knowledge, Edgerton residents have continued to move forward when other small towns have foundered.
They not only think they can; they do.
Now home to the biggest development project in the state – KC Logistics Park – Edgerton has seen massive industrial warehouse growth since the project’s opening only a few years ago.
During all that growth, Edgerton has benefitted from the SWJEDC, a local, homegrown economic development organization that also represents Gardner and New Century AirCenter.
Since SWJEDC was formed in 1993, this region has experienced rapid growth. The SWJEDC has been successful, and that success will continue – even without Edgerton’s monetary contribution.
In fact, a little neighborly competition, and the increased visibility provided by the new Edgerton EDC nationally, can only benefit the entire area. We share the same school district.
While Edgerton can concentrate on their intermodal and community, the SWJEDC’s focus will be more narrow – representing only Gardner and New Century.
Congratulations Edgerton on this bold move.
Founded as a railroad town, remember your roots. Be cautious and guide yourselves, don’t be led by others as you begin this new endeavor.
Once again you’ve proven what you can do. And we will all benefit.