Work for phase 1 of the 10 year Pavement Management Program is scheduled to be complete Mid October 2016
During this phase of the project about 29,276.34 ft or 5.54 miles was overlayed and about 39,849.17 ft or 7.54 miles received a granite seal.
“’We are keeping the good road good’ and working to eliminate our poor and below rated streets,” said Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, Gardner communications manager. A highlight of this year’s project included additional improvements to ADA sidewalk ramps at Madison St. and Waverly Rd. to provide safe routes to school .
This has been the first year of a 10 year pavement management program . The public works department oversees the project and is responsible for multiple construction, maintenance, and repair projects. These projects serve to update, rehabilitate, and maintain Gardner’s infrastructure and facilities.
“They (residents) can expect the city to target more of the poor and below rated street in phase 2 while at the same time ‘Keeping the good roads good,’” Marshall said.
The 10 year project is funded thru a half cent sales tax passed last year to improve the city’s infrastructure through construction and rehabilitation of roads and streets. The public works department had said about had said about $6.6 million was needed over the next three years and after 2019 about $615,000 would be budgeted into the operational budget to cover the rest of the costs to repair the city’s infrastructure. In 2015, city staff said about 205 lane miles in Gardner are in need of repair.