On Sept. 3, the Edgerton City Council set a deadline of Nov. 1 for Gardner to pay a disputed wastewater bill in the amount of about $80,000. The dispute has been ongoing for about three years.
Contacted Sept. 19, Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator, said there had been no further discussion regarding the possible legal action by the Edgerton city council; and she referred specific questions regarding the dispute to Gardner officials.
“Gardner would be best suited to respond to why they are disputing the bill,” Linn said.“If Gardner has not paid the wastewater bill by Nov. 1, city council has directed the city attorney to file in district court.”
Gardner officials cited pending litigation as a reason they couldn’t comment.
“This is a matter of anticipated litigation and accordingly the city is limited in the amount of information it can provide relating to the matter,” said Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, Gardner’s public information officer. “The city does contest liability for the amounts to which the City of Edgerton has made claim.  The cities have had discussions relating to the City of Edgerton’s claims, but to date have been unable to resolve the matter.”
Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor said, “The Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility project brought Edgerton and Gardner together in an effort to use an innovative, regional solution to treatment of wastewater that was beneficial for both communities.It is unfortunate that this dispute regarding lack of payment for treatment services rendered to the City of Gardner could not be resolved with that same regional spirit.”
At Edgerton’s Sept. 3 meeting, Patrick Reavey, city attorney, indicated that negotiation of the issue had stalled. He said communications had become a sort of silence. Gardner did make a partial payment of the wastewater bill in December, 2015, which left the $80,000 balance.
The wastewater treatment plant was funded jointly by Gardner and Edgerton and opened in 2013.