At their Sept. 22 meeting the Edgerton Council voted to form an economic development task force charged with creating an Edgerton-focused public-private economic development organization by early 2017. The task force will be comprised of the mayor, city administrator, representatives from business sector and local utility partners.
As a result, in 2017, Edgerton will not renew its investment in the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), which currently provides economic development services to Edgerton, as well as Gardner and New Century AirCenter.
“Edgerton has enjoyed a great partnership with Southwest Johnson County EDC and is extremely appreciative of the valuable services EDC has provided to us over the years. We wish the organization and its leadership continued success in the future,” said Donald Roberts, mayor. “Since Logistics Park Kansas City opened in late 2013, Edgerton has experienced tremendous growth. To build upon and sustain that growth, we believe it’s time to create an Edgerton-centric organization to drive economic development and build relationships for our community.”
Edgerton’s task force will report its progress to the council throughout the remainder of 2016 as it works toward the formation of an economic development organization that is operational by early 2017.
In a press release, the SWJEDC said:
“While the Southwest Johnson County EDC values its partnership with the City of Edgerton, we will continue to work diligently on behalf of our remaining 100 plus investors – including the City of Gardner and New Century AirCenter – to achieve sustainable growth.”
“The City of Gardner has been a member of the Southwest Johnson County EDC since its formation in 1993,” said Chris Morrow, Gardner mayor. “Gardner has grown tremendously since the organization’s inception. Just as it was in the beginning, opportunity still abounds in Southwest Johnson County. Gardner and its EDC partners are as well-positioned as ever to take advantage of these opportunities. As businesses and jobs continue to flood our section of Johnson County, Gardner is poised for greater growth in 2017 and beyond.”
The SWJEDC press release said its “membership remains strong, growing and committed. Southwest Johnson County has never experienced an industrial and commercial expansion like we have seen the last three years. Thousands of our neighbors are finding jobs within our community and the pipeline for new projects remains full. We anticipate several exciting new project announcements in the near future.”